Altéa Suite

Amadeus Altéa Suite is a complete Passenger Service System (PSS) that offers full reservation, inventory and departure control capabilities, delivering a unique, integrated solution.

Airline passenger service systems (PSS) are mission-critical and highly complex platforms. To effectively migrate and operate such systems requires a particularly high level of technical expertise. At Amadeus, we create a detailed migration plan to ensure a low-risk implementation process, protecting the airline's key business functions at each stage of the cut over.


Benefit from a vast scope of distribution channels while making it quick and easy for customers to book airline and non-airline content.

Sophisticated reservation solutions help maximize booking opportunities by distributing air and non-airline content to wide-reaching distribution channels. Automated customer preference recognition ensures personalized services can be applied during the reservation process, in line with airline-specific policies. In addition, interlining agreements provide passengers with a seamless service from partner airlines. Airline agents can manage reservation functions from a browser-based, intuitive interface, which can be deployed from any location. Airlines can also follow customers throughout the journey, providing real-time, personalized alerts to inform of flight changes, services or offers.


Amadeus Altéa Customer Contact

Enhance traveling experiences and deliver critical flight information instantly.

Amadeus Altéa Reservation Desktop Web

Our next generation of graphical user interfaces built to improve the efficiency of your agents across reservations, sales and customer service. Customer profiles and ancillary services are fully integrated in Amadeus Altéa Reservation Desktop Web.

Amadeus Altéa Reservation

Securely store passenger records and share customer preferences across all channels involved in the reservation process.

Amadeus Fares and Pricing

A powerful search and calculation tool that processes large volumes of fares with accurate pricing.


Optimize revenue by using the latest inventory and schedule management technology in the marketplace, with speed and efficiency.

The Amadeus airline inventory management solutions use advanced availability management techniques, dynamic customer identification and sophisticated airline policy controls to automate flight schedules, codeshare agreements, re-accommodation and seating. This helps maximize airlines' network yield, increasing revenues and improving efficiency. It also ensures airlines can differentiate high-value customers and respond to competitor actions with speed and accuracy.


Amadeus Altéa Inventory

Utilize the latest revenue and schedule management technology.

Departure Control System

Automate key airport processes from passenger check-in to departure. Streamline the customer experience and ensure that flights leave safely and on time.

Amadeus Departure Control manages the passenger experience from check-in to departure, ensuring a seamless transition throughout each stage of the journey. With increased automation, airlines can simplify core customer processes while optimizing airport revenue opportunities and providing personalized services to high-value passengers. Extensive self-service capabilities enable passengers to take control of all aspects of their journey through digital channels. The flight management module automates aircraft weight and balance safely and accurately, analyzing passenger and cargo load to define the optimal distribution for each flight.


Amadeus Altéa Compensation Management

Manage flight compensation and passenger care for travel disruptions more effectively.

Amadeus Altéa Self-Service solutions

Amadeus Altéa Self-Service Check-in enables your customers to independently check-in via kiosk, mobile device, SMS or your website.

Amadeus Altéa Departure Control - Flight Management

Analyze and centralize your operations with a fully graphical user interface.

Amadeus Altéa Departure Control - Customer Management

Automate processes from passenger check-in to departure and maximize revenue.

Amadeus Baggage Reconciliation System

Match real-time passenger, flight and baggage data from check-in to flight departure.


Give your airline more control and reduce processing costs by encompassing all ticket management functions, including electronic and paper ticket issuance, as well as ticket changes and EMDs from ancillary sales.

Amadeus Ticketing Platform enables airlines to perform a variety of automated transactions related to the issuance, modification or cancellation of e-tickets. It includes access to the Amadeus e-Ticket Server, from which airlines can issue/re-issue e-tickets in direct and GDS channels, according to airline interline and distribution agreements. Our new IATA- compliant ticketing products include: Amadeus EMD server - to issue, store, manage and distribute EMDs, increasing revenues from add-on services and allowing distribution in new markets; and Amadeus Ticket Changer - which automates airline ticket re-issues and refunds, protecting revenues and decreasing processing costs.


Amadeus EMD Server

Issue, store, distribute and manage EMDs with unmatched efficiency.

Amadeus Ticketing Platform

Compile our many value-adding services into one single e-ticket management platform.

Amadeus Service Changer

Amadeus Service Changer gives airlines the ability to reissue ancillary services in case of voluntary and involuntary changes. Amadeus is the very first provider of an automated EMD change solution.

Amadeus Ticket Changer

Eliminate your revenue leakage through ticket change automation.

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