Promote to travelers

Reach travelers across the world at different stages of the trip: upon booking confirmation, during check-in process and while managing their trip.


Key Benefits & Features

Our ad serving intelligence uses a custom algorithm to process more than 1.2billion traveler’s information on Amadeus channels. Our technology creates travel segments and targeting for brands to reach travelers when and where you want to reach them, while they are most receptive to engage with your brand: right before traveling until upon arriving at their destination.

We identify every kind of traveler and their itinerary, so that you can make sure travelers have valuable information that can add upon to their trip experience.

We have a myriad of channels to guarantee brand recall: web, mobile, email (HTML & PDF) and multiple IAB standard banner formats: background, full screen, native advertising to guarantee that you engage with travelers while planning or enjoying their trip.

  • Facilitate the addition of trip elements to traveller’s trip experience.
  • Favor brand recognition
  • Inspire new destinations for the next trip
  • Facilitate the selling of merchandising: Ancillary services and fare families.



Amadeus offers advanced solutions enabling you to sell to your customers through even more channels and devices.

Amadeus Dynamic Travel Documents (ADTD)

Interact with a global audience of confirmed travelers before initiating the trip. Trip confirmation emails and documents issued by travel agencies to confirmed travelers in 195 markets. Sent in two formats (HTML and PDF) with two banner positions (top and bottom).

  • Itinerary conformation
  • Ticket receipt 


Airline Network

Connect with airlines passengers before they take off: at booking confirmation or during the check-in process. Airline travel documents are reviewed regularly by passengers prior to and during the trip
  • Check in
  • Boarding pass
  • Trip confirmation
  • Ticket receipt

Check my trip

Website and app used by travelers to check and manage present and future trips. The site includes trip tools and notification services to communicate to travelers any change to their scheduled trip.

  • My trips
  • While managing one trip



Airline network partners

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