Amadeus VR Ad Experience

Delight your customers by using virtual reality to offer a unique and interactive experience. Brands that create virtual tours understand the power of becoming an immersive platform for travelers where they can showcase their services and bring experiences to life.

Amadeus VR Ad Experience is a custom tour of a place that exists in reality, that is brought to the traveler with the help of a headset, web or app, to experience the reality from anywhere. It is recorded with Virtual Reality Eye, technology that guarantees the highest quality while providing freedom of movement.


Amadeus offers a new way to interact with your customers:

Power conversion

Add tags to the tour to help consumers add trip elements to their vacation, as they experience what is like to use your services. Help customers go through the decision-making process, as they feel what travel experience will look like.

Interactive experience

Offer your travelers an innovative service. Elevate your real-world messages with digital interactions increasing engagement and message resonance, by bringing your digital reality to the real world.

Enhance brand recognition

Heightened brand recognition for your brand. Allow travelers to experience and consume with products in a way that they could never before.

Inspire and plan future vacation

Let travelers enjoy and experience the sight of their dream destination. VR is a powerful tool that helps on the travel planning and preparation as well as guides consumers through the purchasing decision.

Showcase premium experience

Show the benefits of upgrading experiences in travel and favor upselling with virtual reality technology. It will surely help to give a glimpse of premium travel.

Inflight entertainment

Give travellers an discovery tool before arriving to their destination, as they play or watch your custom content and spend time easily while traveling.

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Product Highlights Amadeus VR Ad Experience

Free navigation: Users immediately can explore and look around as they please.
HD quality: VR eye guarantee a higher quality of the image.
Navigation tags: linked to external content allow travelers to discover and engage with the items and links embedded.
Multi-device: Compatible with VR glass and also with web and mobile. And can be shared in social media, website and app.