Amadeus Go&Get

Amadeus Go&Get is a virtual Travel Platform assistant that helps sellers make more informed decisions. It aims to help travel providers reach out to the travel agency comunity and communicate directly with them: solving doubts about fares, bagagge allowance, destination, airline contact info and more.

Key benefits and features

Amadeus Go&Get is a scripted bot that offers information about Amadeus providers, so that travel sellers have all the information they need in one platform, on an easy to use format and access, with no need to learn multiple interfaces. This new way of accessing and displaying the information assures that travel experts are helped them at different stages of information collection on a seamless way, with no disruption.


  • All your information in one chat
  • Help travel sellers make informed decisions & update them with all the relevant information
  • Seamless integration with no disruption
  • Get stats and data regularly, so that you can optimize your offering

Amadeus Go&Get can also be used to provide reminders, suggestions and assistance to make the traveller’s experience worth remembering.

Main features:

  • Intuitive: Information is displayed by interacting with the bot
  • Rich media: Supports pictures, video, sound and external links
  • Plugged into the Travel Platform: All the information from the same interface
  • Easy Access: Amadeus Go&Get is displayed during the booking flow

How it works:

  • Travel agents will click on a dedicated banner
  • A new window will be opened
  • A chat will be started by the bot, welcoming the user and encouraging them to ask a question about a provider and/or topic.
  • Following the predefined script (based on your input), the bot will chat with the user and answer with the relevant information
  • The chat can display images, links, or redirect to an email or contact information in case the user needs to know more.

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Product Highlights Amadeus Go&Get

Amadeus Go&Get offers an intuitive, flexible and fast way to reach out to travel agents and keep them updated about the latest information.

One conversation that provides all the relevant information
Access to regular data to optimize the information exchange
Facilitate the information during the booking flow and assist on decision making movements
Seamlessly integrated in the Travel Platform, with a non-disruptive format

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