Amadeus AR Ad Experience

Ensure your customers see everything your airline has to offer and more.

Amadeus AR Ad Experience is a customized application that uses augmented reality technology to offer a unique experience that changes the person’s perception of the physical world by overlaying digital components. Travelers can discover and interact with relevant objects in the augmented version of their environment that add extra information, as they travel. 


Amadeus offers a new way to interact with your consumers:

An interactive experience

Offer your travelers an innovative service. Elevate your real-world messages with digital interactions increasing engagement and message resonance, by bringing your digital reality to the real world.

Enhances brand image

Heightened brand recognition for your brand. Allow travelers to experience and consume with products in a way that they could never before.

Favors repeated exposure to brands

Win the benefits of repeated exposure with an interactive strategy. Any consumer with a smartphone can use AR software that in combination with an immersive strategy make users come back to navigate, buy or play, which exposes them to the brand continually.


Create a memorable experience with Amadeus AR Ad Experience. The main features are:

Way finder

Assist travelers through your facilities. The way finder provides users with a smartphone navigation tool that guides them around large indoor spaces. Unlock a whole range of benefits such as: real time routing from A to B, suggest nearby places and optimize your indoor traffic.

AR Advertising

Change the way consumers find, engage with, and purchase products as they travel. With AR advertising integrated in your app, customers are not only informed about places or services that might be interesting to them but are guided there as well.


Use AR technology to create a custom game and engage customers with special offers and discounts. Audiences respond strongly when AR introduces a state of play into a regular experience and can raise brand awareness, teach new behaviors and to drive brand loyalty.


Monitor and gain knowledge about the user interaction and behavior towards the app. Gain access to dashboards to get information relative to the application data, campaigns and game section. Get insights to take data-driven decisions to optimize your AR strategy.

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Product Highlights Amadeus AR Ad Experience

Use the AR technology to create a custom game that entertains and engages customers with special offers and discounts. Introduce AR gaming to raise brand awareness, teach new bahaviors and to drive brand loyalty.

Create a memorable and interactive experience
Gain brand recognition and positioning
Assists travelers on the go with features like way finder or augmented advertising
Learn the interaction and engagement that users have towards your services

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