Xchange Payment Platform

Introducing the travel industry’s first and only end-to-end payment solution, empowering your business with a single view of your entire payments ecosystem.

Goodbye complexity, hello simplicity

We understand the complexities of managing a global business with multiple customer segments, payment methods and providers. Xchange Payment Platform has been designed from the ground-up to simplify complex payment processes, integrating all stakeholders in a single platform and delivering secure end-to-end payment management. In a rapidly changing environment fraught with risk, Xchange Payment Platform brings streamlined processes and security.

Easy integration

Connection through a modern API means integration takes only a few days to complete. An intuitive interface makes it easy to configure credentials and parameters. Plus, you’ll have access to an easy to use test environment and sandbox, allowing you to work at your own pace.


Test, simulate and make parameter changes in real-time. All updates can then be pushed live without the need to outsource work to an external implementation team. You can also orchestrate between 3DS, Acceptance and Fraud, enabling you to take immediate action when necessary.

Reporting, Dashboards, Transaction monitoring

Leverage a customizable interface with all the important information required for business decision-making on a single platform. Reports and insights can be customized dynamically, and transactions can be tracked for a clearer view of financial and operational information.

Discover how Amadeus can reorganize and revitalize your approach to payments.

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