Settlement and Reconciliation

Automate the reconciliation process for all payment methods, maximize revenue and prevent leakages with Amadeus Settlement and Reconciliation for airlines, hotels and travel agencies.

Reliably reconcile all payments

Ensure all payments are reconciled regardless of sales channel, method of payment, currency or country of origin.

Streamline your payment reconciliation

Efficiently identify discrepancies between sales and received funds, helping your travel business to track missing revenues.

Access a single interface for all your reconciliation needs

Enjoy a single user interface for all of your payment information.

Warning message system

Amadeus Settlement and Reconciliation generates a warning message when a mismatch occurs between monies received and billed sales, enabling your business to take corrective action to identify and recover any missing revenues.

Maximize revenues by stopping leakages

Amadeus Settlement and Reconciliation helps you plug costly revenue leakages with minimal effort, helping you boost your bottom line as a result.

Efficiently identify missing payments

Reliably reconcile payments at ticket level and throughout each step of the payment flow, from sales to settlement.

In-depth forecast that maximizes sales control

Produce an accurate forecast of account receivables with daily reports and email alerts to provide full sales control.

Find out how you can settle and reconcile every payment effectively with Amadeus.

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