Security and authentication

From agnostic tokenization, to dynamic 3D Secure, to a global Chip and Pin solution for face to face payments. When it comes to security, we’ve got your covered.

Ensure all your data is handled securely

Our tokenisation solutions is travel specific, and allows you to get a single view of your customer, regardless of your payment providers.

Remove your customers' card data

Reduce the scope of PCI compliance by storing credit card data as "tokens". Consequently, sensitive credit card data is removed from your systems.

Global EMV payments

Whether you are looking to accept payments at the airport, or offer a unified face to face payment solution in hotels; our multi-merchant, multi-acquirer, chip and pin solution, makes it happen.

Protect your company with the Amadeus data security wall

Our data security wall acts as a firewall for the IT environment of your business by substituting incoming card numbers with a token. Similarly, outgoing tokens are replaced with encrypted card numbers.

Extra layer of security for your customers

Dynamic 3DS can be applied to predermined transactions, so customers only need to authenticate only when absolutely required.

Improve your customers’ payment experience

Safely store credit card data with Amadeus PCI Security Suite. Plus, you can offer one-click payment on your websites and mobile booking apps.

Amadeus Cut PCI compliance costs with Amadeus

We partnered with Binter Canarias and implemented our fraud solution across all their e-Commerce transactions.

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