Payment Acceptance

Whether you're an airline, hotel or travel agency, Amadeus Payment Acceptance solutions can help you increase sales. Allow your customers to pay with global card brands and over 300 alternative payment methods, including e-wallets, cash on delivery, online banking and direct debit.

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Turn cross-border payments into profit with Amadeus Currency Converter for the travel industry.

Turn cross-border payments into profit with Amadeus Currency Converter for the travel industry.

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Maximize sales and offer a reliable service

Allow customers to pay in their preferred currency, offer an uninterrupted service and keep online travel shoppers on your website throughout the payment process.

Reliable payment links

Utilize reliable payment links with robust host-to-host connections to payment service providers.

Comprehensive integration

Full integration with your e-commerce environment means your customers are never redirected outside your website during the payment process.

Alternative payment service providers

In the event that your primary payment service provider is experiencing technical problems, you’ll have the option to use alternatives, allowing you to provide an uninterrupted service to your customers.

Optimal links

Leverage recommended optimal links for maximized payment acceptance.

Dynamic currency conversion / Multi currency pricing

Offer travelers the option to pay in their local currency, increasing customer satisfaction and generating extra revenue.

Amadeus Capture

Obtain necessary sales and payment information before submitting authorized and ticketed transactions for settlement via your payment service providers or directly to your bank.

Reduce to cost of payment processes

Minimize costs associated with payments without compromising the level of service you offer your customers.

Payment data

Optimize payment costs by including Amadeus travel data and specific payment data in the transaction.

Transaction volume aggregation

Aggregate transaction volume rather than fragmenting across several suppliers.

Minimize costs with a more fluid workflow

Optimize your acquiring fees and reduce your sales costs with the option to easily switch between different acquiring banks.

Booking and ticketing flow integration

We include the payment data in the PNR, allowing for full integration with your booking and ticketing flows.

Front and back office integration

Integrate acceptance solutions across multiple front and back office interfaces.

No payment, no ticket.

By linking payment and ticket information, you have the power to withhold ticket issuance until payment is received.

Amadeus Card Authorization

Trigger real-time authorization requests from your sales flows and in any direct or indirect channel, either via an international card brands’ gateways or via specific payment service providers/acquiring banks.

Reduced manual effort

Minimize the need for manual input throughout payment processes, freeing up staff to focus on other priorities.

Report consolidation

Consolidated report provides a single source of payment data across all payment service providers.

Transaction tracking

Implement centralized transaction tracking for maximized efficiency.

Minimize supplier management

Reduce the number of suppliers you rely on and associated management costs.

Case study: Japan Airlines Payments drive online growth

We helped Japan Airlines recapture 140 million USD in lost revenue.

We helped Japan Airlines recapture 140 million USD in lost revenue.

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