Fraud Management

Fraud is a serious problem that airlines, hotels and travel agencies must address. With Amadeus Fraud Management, you can do just that. Detect and stop fraud more efficiently, grow your business and control cost.

Reduce fraud and minimize losses

Detect fraudulent transactions with increased precision, preventing attempted fraud across all channels. As a result, you'll experience fewer transactions sent for manual review, improving staff efficiency.

Secure booking

Gain the ability to screen at the point of ticket exchange and booking.

Payment screening

Detect fraudulent transactions by screening both AMOP and card payments.

Omni-channel screening

Extend your fraud screening capabilities across all channels (indirect, online and call center).

Increase sales and keep customers satisfied

Reduce false positives while increasing sales conversion, allowing you to build a reputation of reliability.

Travel data

Leverage travel data for greater precision throughout the sales process.

Drive conversion

Maximize conversion by combining 3D Secure and effective fraud detection.

Safeguard market expansion

Expand your business with confidence, effectively defending against fraud - even in higher risk markets.

Comprehensive detection

Detect and manage fraud with the same efficacy, regardless of the Payment Service Provider.

Minimize costs and manual workload

Reduce the cost of managing fraudulent behavior, without compromising your detection capabilities.

Pre-authentication screening

By screening before payment authentication takes place, you reduce the impact and cost of fraudulent behavior.

Reduce manual workload

Minimize the need for manual input by automatically cancelling fraudulent tickets and storing fraud results within the PNR.

Optimize exception management

Reduce the cost of managing transactions that fail to be processed due to a lack of information. bank account closure, etc.

Discover how Amadeus can help your business defend against and manage fraud more effectively.

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