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We help you turn your travel agency's payments into profit. Benefit from a seamless end-to-end travel payments flow that provides three main benefits: choice, reach and orchestration. Welcome to Amadeus B2B Wallet.

At Amadeus, we are devoted to helping travel companies turn existing challenges into profit. One way we achieve this is by reducing the cost of payments and embracing new opportunities to increase automation in a disrupted travel landscape. We leverage our knowledge to create a ”one-stop shop” for payments solutions to support you in making or receiving payments, and create synergies for both. 

Reduce payment costs

Making payments can be expensive

Payment processes such as wire transfer fees, credit card surcharges and foreign exchange fees can have a huge impact on budget.

Calculating payment costs

How much are B2B payments costing you? Consider the combined cost of direct/indirect cost and rebate.

Surcharging scenario

In a no surcharging scenario our solution can enable roughly 1% savings in gross bookings. With low profit margins in the travel industry, a potential saving of roughly 1% in gross bookings could represent a 30% EBITDA boost for travel agencies.

Cash optimization

Maximize choice

Optimize your expenditure with the ability to choose between different financial payment offers, supporting your short cash position and enabling you to take advantage of your excess of cash. 

Automate payments

GDS integration

Dramatically improve your efficiency by automating a comprehensive range of tasks with GDS integration.

Seamless integration

Amadeus B2B Wallet integrates quickly and seamlessly, and is available for Amadeus travel customers via Selling Platform, Selling Connect, Pyton, AGM, ePower and Web Services.

Limit fraud risk


Increased globalization and proliferating payment methods mean robust security is now more important than ever. Harness Amadeus B2B Wallet to ensure your travel business stays protected.

Reducing exposure to supplier default

Between 2000 and 2010, 96 European airlines went out of business, with disastrous consequences for customers and travel agencies. Prevent this problem from affecting your travel business with Amadeus B2B Wallet.

B2B Wallet Brochure B2B Wallet Brochure

Choice, reach, orchestration: learn more about the benefits of having a seamless end-to-end travel payments flow.

Choice, reach, orchestration: learn more about the benefits of having a seamless end-to-end travel payments flow.

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B2B Wallet solutions

Amadeus B2B Wallet powered by Ixaris

Is a Prepaid solution that allows you to pay suppliers worldwide in many different currencies. If offers you a choice of two virtual payment cards to earn rewards or save money by avoiding payment card merchant fees.

Amadeus B2B Wallet powered by Airplus

Easy to use, our pay later solution provides an extended credit line, enhances the quality of statements and is fully integrated in the mid or back office solutions. Plus, it's available in cryptic command for travel agency terminals and through Web Services as a stand-alone service, as opposed to being integrated in the PNR.

Amadeus B2B Wallet powered by US Bank

Benefit from a virtual card solution that can be either prefunded or set up with a credit facility and rebate for North American entities based in US and Canada. This will enable your travel business to save time, boost efficiency and improve your bottom line.

Amadeus B2B Wallet powered by WEX

We have been partnering with WEX in Brazil to offer a local virtual card solution which can be prefunded or set up with a credit facility. It also supports rebate for Brazilian entities to receive payments worldwide from travel distributors and travel agencies.

Amadeus B2B Wallet Hotel Billback

Through a fully automated process, Amadeus uses a single virtual card to streamline the Hotel Billback and credit card reconciliation process by providing a comprehensive audit trail. Plus, the use of a virtual credit card reduces the risk of fraud, helping you save time and money. You can also combine Hotel Billback with any of the B2B wallet options such as rebates, minimized surcharges and pay later.

Amadeus B2B Wallet powered by Barclaycard

Barclaycard payment expertise gives us unique market insight that we can share with our travel customers. As the only payment issuer that also has corporate and investment bank experience, Barclaycard is perfectly positioned to give you a more holistic market view. Plus, over 50 years of experience in handling payments makes Barclaycard a reliable business partner.

B2B Wallet for Hotels

Our B2B Wallet helps you pay non-prepaid hotel stays. To maximize working capital, you can choose to load funds onto your Amadeus B2B Wallet card at the time of reservation, at the time of check-out or both. For additional security, the card validity periods can be set for the exact hotel stay dates. A fax confirmation of payment details can be sent to the hotel automatically.

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