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Predictive data

Predictive data

Is your business travel intelligent? Why you need Travel Intelligence today

This may sound like an understatement but identifying what makes a traveler tick can make you stand out in today’s travel landscape.­ Indeed, the travel sector is constantly changing. Evolving is a must for travel sellers to meet their customers’ demands and expectations.

With such high consumer churn, in-depth market analysis is more valuable than ever. The good news is that, thanks to the key benefits provided by travel intelligence and more generally, data, travel providers can go above and beyond to meet their customers’ demands.

Do you know what you can do with the right travel data? We do! 

  • Know where your travelers are looking to go next
  • Implement more efficient processes for your agents
  • Negotiate better terms with suppliers 
  • And so much more! 

That’s the power of Amadeus Agency Insight – an intuitive travel data and analytics platform built to help you grow your business.


Introducing Amadeus Agency Insight

Exploit the potential of Amadeus Travel Intelligent solutions to boost your business!

Amadeus Booking Analysis

Understand and compare your performance versus the market and competition. See where to put your marketing and sales resources.

Amadeus Booking Benchmark

Understand the value you bring airlines. Establish commercial objectives by understanding market performance and identify opportunities.

Amadeus Productivity Tracker

See how you can reduce the risk of getting ADMs, and discover how to detect a decline in booking activity so you react quickly.

Introducing Amadeus Booking Benchmark

In an industry that it’s changing faster than ever, Amadeus Booking Benchmark can help you to stay one step ahead of competition.

Amadeus Travel Tech Talk

Sign up to our Travel Intelligence webinar (duration: 30 minutes) and learn how travel sellers can use data to drive growth...

Sign up to our Travel Intelligence webinar (duration: 30 minutes) and learn how travel sellers can use data to drive growth with Amadeus technology and business experts Nina Suopanki and Paul Burke.

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Key highlights Amadeus Agency Insight

Understand travel shopping behavior, anticipate trends, and predict where your customers are looking to go next
Design the best offers for your clients, based on reliable market data
Use supplier data and competitor benchmarking to negotiate better terms with suppliers
Analyze internal processes, identify challenges and implement more efficient processes to improve profitability
Immediately measure the impact of your strategies, to continuously improve decision-making

Speed up the growth of your business with Amadeus Agency Insight

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